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Top 10 EDC Knives That Should Absolutely Cost More – Practically Stolen

Today I’ll show you my Top 10 EDC Knives That Should Absolutely Cost More. There is just so much value here, basically, every time we buy one of these, a crime is being committed.

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CJRB Feldspar (Blade HQ Exclusive) – S35VN – $80 ––CJRB-Feldspar-Liner-Lock-Knife–117834

Civivi Keen Nadder – N690 – $73 – OR –
Coupon code: lefty love

Hogue Ritter RSK MK1-G2 – 20CV – $160 –
Mini – 20CV – $140 –

TwoSun Knives – – Coupon code: lefty love

TwoSun TS223 – M390 – $145 –
TwoSun TS138 – M390 – $118 –

Cold Steel Code 4 – S35VN – $75 –

Kershaw Link – 20CV – $75 –

Boker Kalashnikov – XHP – $70 ––Boker-Kalashnikov-Automatic-Knife–92085

Boker Strike Auto (Blade HQ Exclusive) – D2 – $50 ––Boker-Plus-Strike-Bowie-Automatic–97034

Ganzo Firebird FH Knives – D2 – $20-$29 –

QSP Penguin (KnivesPlus Exclusive) – S35VN – $60 –

Ka-Bar Dozier – AUS8 – $20 –
Ka-Bar Dozier – D2 – $35 -

12 replies on “Top 10 EDC Knives That Should Absolutely Cost More – Practically Stolen”

Awesome selection J 😄. I think the rough rider knives should be here. Classy looking, great fit and finish and budget fiendly. Also the CRKT/Ruger LCK. At 25 bucks that knife is awesome 🔥🔥

If u don't mind aus-8 OKC offers the Shikra with titanium frame and micarta sliding on ball bearings. And of course aus-8 Rat l even the d2 is fairly cheap

I ordered my first TwoSun this morning, a TS 221. I'll be happy if it's half as good as looks. Thanks for the recommendation Jay.

Knife community knows shit about value. For example crjb is known for quality issues, burnt edges and poor heat treatments. What's the value in that? They are popular because of the style that is appealing. Houge had some of the worst 20cv/m390 heat treatments especially at the costs. Twosun knives improved their heat treatments in 2020, but the designs are not for users and just art knives. I've had a fair amount and won't ever buy again, and I really like the steel on them. Cold steel switches to poor performance s35vn instead of the xhp which performs far better especially for the costs. Boker has been junk for a long time, but those autos are good affordable knives for the cost. Ganzo copies everyone and gave terrible heat treatments. They literally went into spyderco booth and was taking pictures of the prototypes despite the signs that said no photos and they were told so as well. They were escorted out of the show. The chinese Doizer aus8 heat treatment is better than the d2 ht. They switch to d2 because the market popularized d2 even though China d2 heat treatments are very poorly done. The aus8 Doizer is a great model. Doizer usa d2 knives are amazing performers and worth the costs.

😂 Of course you did! I shoulda known 😂😂😂 I know you didn’t get natural g10, and probably not the brown, so black g10 right? Lol. It’s a great knife, Harnds did it again

I got the Kubey 221 when it first came out for $20. Then I got the Kubey 003 for $20. I was giddy… They have almost doubled in price since then. Even now I would put those Kubeys up against most brands. Of course Jay knows I'm all about those FH Ganzos for value sake. As always, good show Sir 👍😊.

I do like the QSP Penguin but I wish I could send you pictures of the factory edge on mine. Adjacent to the thumb stud it looks the edge is rolled over from left to right. It is absolute horrible quality control that this knife got out the door of the factory. For the price I won't bother sending it back. I guess one of the days I'll get off my arse and fix it.

Thanks for another great video Jay! I am disabled also and will camp out by the mailbox and listen for whoever is my bringing my knives and action figures and comics lol. I have to thank you for introducing me to the IKIV knife it has been with me since I saw it on your video. Plus I love my Ganzo and other knives and I like that you don't look down on them. Stay well and thanks!

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