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Unboxing a Cold Steel Knife… That Actually Makes Sense for EDC!?

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29 replies on “Unboxing a Cold Steel Knife… That Actually Makes Sense for EDC!?”

This would be the perfect EDC knife if they changed the handle and blade, added liners and called it the AD10

I have the drop point. The good, perfect EDC size, more blade with less weight and tough lock up, sharpens up well. The not so good, the clip is massive but is not a hot spot, not a fan. The G10 needed the edges knocked down and with this on the spine was also edgey and was easily smoothed off, Ive had a number of knives that needed a tweak out of the box its not a deal breaker. In general, if I was looking for just 1 knife for my pocket I could stop with the air lite, but I’m way beyond the 1 knife thinking, but if I was, this would get put into the pack with maybe 20 other 1 knife choices!!!

Interesting how every unboxing video starts out with a statement that you have no idea what you have in the package. Really? Come on Man.

Unrelated question…
What's your recommendation for a great edc "self defense" carry (any price range) at this time? For someone who has experience in Kali and knife handling???
Thanks in advance for any guidance.

AUS10 should be very similar to 19c27, which is amazingly tough for high carbon stainless steel that isn't powder metallurgy/ESR.

I had a ProLite Bowie config in 4116 stainless, I carried it for quite a while.
Super lightweight and tough construction, inexpensive too.
These are no nonsense carry tools that will take abuse and no doubt perform well without fuss.

That seems to be a new edge. But the factory edge is very good on mine. A bit thick behind the edge but still slicy enough for me. This is an intermediate knife between soft and hard use, but more on the hard side.

I was honestly about to buy one until I saw the price. That's a bit high for me in this ballpark. I would have jumped on 50ish.

I bought one a couple months ago and carry it regularly. Comes out of the pocket for hard use stuff and it doesn't freak people out like larger Cold Steels can. Definitely worth the purchase.

It might be one of the best edc knives they ever made. Adjust the torsion bar and re-profile and sharpen to 17° and you have created a top notch edc & defensive knife. It takes a screaming edge (c.s. Heat treat is amazing) and it’s bigger than it looks for defense. I pair this with a Recon 1 with matching blade shape (I have both) and you’re prepared for pretty much anything you might need a knife for. I also carry a 4” fixed blade. I have no shortage of knives including a large Insingo 21 TRM’s and Spydercos but when I know I will be hard using a blade I always carry this combo. There is a reason the Air Lite got so many great reviews. A little pricey for AUS 10 but
Remember who did the heat treat.

Don't worry. Losing your sense of inflection is just one of the side effects of Covid. Next is the inability to control the volume of your voice, but you'll be back to normal in no time.

CS prices seem to be on the rise. The new owners reintroduced the 4Max, Taiwanese manufacturing instead of American/Itailian, built on the 4Max Scout style frame (reduced pin and lock spring size, and few other changes) instead of the original. S35VN instead of 20CV yet its street price is $100 more than the original and $1 less the G10 AD20 😳 If that trend continues as they run out old stock I think they will price themselves out of the market niche they had.

How does this compare to the Code 4 you reviewed last year? Handle thickness? Blade stock? Over all comfort in hand? Does it inspire confidence to use it? Thank you 🙂

I have the tanto as well. It feels a lot like the benchmade Osborne. I bought the American lawman on amazon because I was afraid the quality would decrease. My favorite cold steel is the tuff lite.

Yo metal, a practical Knife with the triad lock do you know The triad lock, the lock you know the best lock the strongest lock. The lock that beats any other lock ,frame locks it beats liner locks it beats axis locks , The triad lock the triad like you know you know the triad lock, I get a kick out of you when you try to beat your subscribers to the comment punch you’re A pissa

I love Cold Steel for EDC … I like backlocks and I cannot lie … especially Triad lock models.

I currently EDC a 4Max Scout and love it. Voyager 4" Clip Point is another great EDC, and half the weight and half the cost of the 4Max Scout.

I don't have the Air Lite but I have his broke-ass cousin, the Pro Lite thumb-stud model. I consider it one of the best EDCs of the 30-dollar price range. But I am biased because I want Triad lock for EDC. I almost bought a Ganzo with a striking pommel, until I saw the video showing how every Axis-lock or G-lock in the world can be made to fail with a pommel strike. Ouch!

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