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The Real Steel Real Slim Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a real slim option for slicy daily carry: the Real Steel Real Slim.

16 replies on “The Real Steel Real Slim Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review”

Im from way back in the day and i hear “vg 10 is barely adequate” and im like “I need to update my base line…”

For us “Lanyard People” it’s a no go. Do like the slim looks of it though. Love ya Nick, always appreciate your take on things.

If they would have just left out that one curve in the spine, it would look much more sensible. Especially when closed it would give it some detail.

That is a hideously odd looking knife, and I would never consider owning it. But I'm just incredibly glad it exists.

I want one for opening boxes. Boxes don't exactly fall into a "heavy use" category for me and usually "heavy use" knives tend to not slice well. I still love them heavy knives tho. This knife also is unlikely to offend anyone.

Nick, why are you implying VG-10 won't hold an edge when it in fact has better CATRA numbers than 3V. 440C, 14C28N, BD1N etc?

I love apples and have been looking for a foldable paring knife. I'm thinking that either this one or the CRKT CEO might do the job.

Not sure how to take it. Isn't VG-10 better than 14c? I do agree. I'm fed up with designs now. It's all I wanna be the bugout. People need to get weird and go bigger.

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