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Milwaukee Tool JUST DID THE IMPOSSIBLE and made this perfect tool even more perfect!

Milwaukee Tool JUST DID THE IMPOSSIBLE and made this perfect tool even more perfect! Today we are looking at the all new Milwaukee Fastback Utility knife which is even better than that last fastback.

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17 replies on “Milwaukee Tool JUST DID THE IMPOSSIBLE and made this perfect tool even more perfect!”

you should take this show on the road … hilarious pitch! Milwaukee should make you their face! i'm getting one for me and one for each of my sons!

Add the blade storage into that and that's the last blade you'll ever need. I still want it but without the blade storage it's still only 90% perfect IMO

I never leave the house with my fastback. I have the gen 1 an the new gen 2 featured here. First one got left on a double yellow line on a snowy day an was still there an still functioning once I found it 2 hours later!!

I'm a contractor and I've had the older Fastback for years and it's been my EDC (Every Day Carry) for as long as I've had it. Until I saw this video. I immediately started looking for it and had to buy it from Home Depot online because it sold out at all my local stores. Initially, I didn't like it because the spring clip was too tight for my jeans pocket. Then I widened the gap up a bit with a small pry bar and it's perfect. The knife opens far more easily than the older models, even though I never had problems with those. I do like the extra single blade storage. I've even used the screwdriver once; it's handy, but would be handier if regular 1"wire detent bits would lock in place; as it is now, you can still use them, but they bottom out and the 1/4" nut driver may get in the way if you're in a tight spot. However, the slotted and Phillips tips are what most people need most of the time, so it's not a major issue and those DO lock in place well with a wire detent on either side of the 1-1/4" bit. I've not used the bottle opener since I usually drink my snobby craft beer in cans; since it's always in my pocket I also don't use the lanyard attachment. I didn't think the older model needed any improvement, but this is my new EDC. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I think they should have made the screwdriver lock at 90 degrees as well as fully open so you could get more torque if needed..

At my job we're always showing off who has the coolest knife even though technically we're not allowed to have any personal tools. You make me want one of these even though I already have the coolest knife at work with a microtech otf lol

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