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Esee Zancudo knife review

testing a great framework D2 blade made for cutting

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Looks odd seeing you with a small knife it gets lost in them mitts lol great little blade carried a dozier for awhile this might take it's place

Thank you my friend! We were all watching the review together and that totally made our whole day!

Did not know that about the ESEE warranty man. Good info. That says alot about the company! Fun review man!

Glad you did this review I had looked at these off and on. I have two of the Avispas now the one I got from you 😊and I had to buy one in OD Green. Bought a few as gifts and ordered a couple for some guys at work. Good knives for sure. I carry mine every day! I’ll pick one of these up eventually. Kind of looking at a fixed blade right now. Looking at the Esse Jg5 I’m loving the handle on it! We shall see. Anyway great review as always 🙌🏼🔪⚔️🗡❤️

DBAD, the Buddha of Blades, the Sultan of Slash, the Colossus of Cut, when I think of Esee I think of big survival blades not folders; however I would buy one of those any day, it might be my next purchase, thanks for bringing it to my attention, stay true to the blade bro, you rock!

Esee knifes are quality knifes, dbad is a pure quality brother, friend and allways my godfather of knifes , great video brother ❤️

I have a bit of a dilemma. Was looking at your designs on kurki house, trying to decide which one? Then I realized I probably wouldn't stop at one, so really, which one to get FIRST? And then which one??? Maybe you could even do a video telling us what order to acquire them all?? Thanks for all the great content. ~b.

The ESSE AVISPA you gave me is in my pocket minimum 5 days a week!! Great job cutting twine in Twain!! Great review my brother!!

I don’t own any ESEE knives, may have have to start with these since their fixed blades are a lip out of my range. Great review!!

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