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Drill Testing and Review (PROFESSIONAL)

Tattoo Tee anyone???

This episode is not sponsored by Ryobi, I just wanted to make the tool snobs mad!!!!!!

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Hey Matt. This past week the snow here in Mississippi collapsed our shop and our indoor barrel racing arena. I lost about all my tools but I had my favorite tool set in the back of my truck and its Ryobi. It's my go to kit for all jobs big or small. Wont be working anytime soon though cause our shop…

Matt, you could really hire me to just take care of your guns, or at least sight them in! (the only problem is that i live in Ukraine)

Milwaukee is overpriced, overhypped ass.
We got a parter deal with them to sell to our customers and their "partnership" was literally we sell it for same price as everywhere else at 2-5% GP so it literally costs us more
to get the shit in and hold it in all our company branches than we make off it.
And boy dont get me started on the fucking soldering irons that are "soooo amazing" which one good customer we replace now 4 times for.

Matt красавчик,тебя почти вся Россия знает,особенно любители оружия!

Lmaoo the amount and level of bias in 1 video hahahah. Ryobi i am using that too never felt happier buying cheaper yet strong drill hahaha

Love the end where the DeWalt had a few parts missing. Disturbing the way that Matt treats his guns though.
Hey Matt, do you clean your guns when you're done, or just throw them away and get new ones? 😆

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