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This was great, thanks, I've been looking for "food survival guide" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ryanzon Survival Genie – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

Black Scout, one of the things I like about your videos is the consistency of simplicity. You seem to follow the Gray Man principles. From the perspective of "would I pack these items in my kit", no. From the perspective of "if it were my company, what could I market", they seem to be of reasonable quality. I actually do carry a Kershaw half-ton as my edc folder. I have the Ontario Machete. So they are good products. From a survival perspective, if you focus on the basics, there is very little that you actually NEED in a bug out bag and it is a very fine line to balance between what will make your BO better, and what will take up space. Thank you for a straight and honest perspective.

Always thought the idea of the boxes was neat but after watching several of these tactical boxes from different brands.. they are all trash and seem to be a waste of money. I feel like most of those items would end up in a box somewhere in the garage or shed.

I bought that shovel from eBay for £5. First time I used it the bit that goes in the ground bent. I felt I needed something reliable and came across the cold steel special forces shovel. Had it years now and so far it’s proved to be indestructible 👍🏻

Is there a brand of silcock key you'd recommend? There are quite a few on Amazon but some 1 star on everyone saying they didnt fit so hard to know which one to get.

some of the tools I've seen in the unboxings wouldn't be bad for teaching a kid general skills and how to select their own gear when gaining experience. I had picked up an entrenching tool similar to the one here and he helps his mom in their gardens. my sister is quiet but she's very mindful of the world around her. I mean how many women read Col. Jeff Cooper books?

The little multi hatchet type tool is a poor copy of the Truckers Handy Rescue Tool which is also half the price ..

I completely agree with the certain items in this box. This was my last pro-plus box with them. I've been very disappointed with battlbox the last few months which made me unsubscribe..! May I say, a lot of BS in these boxes for a little over $150…! I was with them for 1 full year and they went completely down hill the last 4 boxes in my opinion. Like I said, my opinion. Keep up the good work with your channel. Cya!

Items I would like.

1. Silcock key (already was in my Amazon wishlist)
2. Prybars (I cant find a link, help?)

That is only 2/3 items, yicks.

Would the "hatchet" be good for CERT types?

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