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The Mover Max Judy is a Ready Made Emergency Kit

In this video we’re going to be taking a look at The Mover Max from Judy which is a ready made emergency kit backpack backpack based 4 person emergency kit that’s designed to last for 72 hours by covering your basic needs for warmth, safety, tools, first aid, food and water.

The Mover Max from Judy on Amazon ( affiliate link ) 👉

This kit is designed for families who may need to evacuate due to extreme weather or some types of natural disasters.

The Mover Max comes in a bright orange waterproof backpack and weighs about 15 pounds. I like the fact that it’s orange because it makes it easier to find. It also has a padded back and cushioned straps to make carrying more comfortable.

Inside the kit there’s a multitool, a quick dry towel, tissues,4 12 hour glow sticks, a precharged single use phone charger, a first aid kit, some batteries, a hand crank radio with a flashlight and usb charger, a pair of work gloves, two emergency whistles, wet wipes, duct tape, 4 hand warmers, 14 pouches of emergency drinking water with a 5 year shelf life, 2 small bottles of hand sanitizer, a biohazard bag, 4 emergency blankets, an LED flashlight, 4 KN95 masks, 4 ponchos and 7 mini meal bars with a 5 year shelf life.

This kit provides a good portable foundation for emergency preparedness but there’s a few items that should be added to make the kit a bit more well rounded including some waterproof matches, a survival candle, some extra clothing items including some socks and good shoes and some additional food and water. it might be good to include a backup of your important files on an encrypted flash drive as well as any medications you might need.

You also want to make sure you have the proper usb cable to charge your phone.

Overall I think the mover max from Judy is a good kit for families who are new to emergency preparedness and want to get started with something basic. It’s nice that the kit is weatherproof and also that the food and water in the kit have a 5 year shelf life. Bottled water typically has about a 1-2 year shelf life depending on how it’s stored so keep that in mind if you add some to this kit. With a few supplements this kit would be adequate for most emergency situations so long as you are able to stay home or you have a decent shelter to go to.

One thing to keep in mind about this kit is that it would not be comfortable if you needed to survive outdoors for an extended amount of time unless you lived somewhere warm where it doesn’t get cold at night. You may want to consider some additional shelter items like a tent, bivvys or sleeping bags, and warm clothing if necessary.

If you are interested you can check out the Mover max using the affiliate link in the description below. Judy also makes a larger kit called the safe which im going to make a video about as well and a fanny pack kit and another small kit. If you are looking for a premade kit with some additional outdoor survival capabilities check out the seventy2 from uncharted supply co. I did a video on that which I’ll link to in the description below as well.

Judys website also has some emergency guides you can download to help prepare you for various natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, snow, tornados, floods and fires.

The Mover Max from Judy on Amazon ( affiliate link ) 👉

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