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Elemental Knives Unboxing Review (REAL LIFE VIDEO GAME KNIVES)

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Over the Christmas holidays elemental knives sent us over a wicked set of knives to open and review. Watch the unboxing with us.

Some of the guys from the elemental knives team gave us the answers to many of the questions in the video here:

**The string in the karambit is for optional neck carry. You can tie it off in the hole at the tip of the blade cover.

**The first Bayonet you opened is called the Lore. It is just gold in color but not in materials.

**Due to the way the butterfly knives must be assembled they often do require a break in if you intend to use them, but they are also some of our sharpest knives and we never recommend actually flipping them for finger saving reasons.

Also we’ve been MIA these past weeks, spent some good times with family during the holidays and have been stocking up new videos for you in the new year! So get ready and train safe!

– Thomas

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26 replies on “Elemental Knives Unboxing Review (REAL LIFE VIDEO GAME KNIVES)”

Karambit – Doppler Sapphire, M9 Bayonet – Lore, Butterfly Knife – Crimson web, (not an actual knife in CSGO), Huntsman knife – Hyper Beast (not an actual knife in csgo)

Skin names
1: Most likely “Sapphire”
2: M9 Bayonet “Lore”
3: “Crimson Web”
4: not really sure, prob nothin
5: hyper beast, don’t think there’s a hyper beast knife skin lol

The first karambit looks like a crimson blue.. wait WHAT IF THERE WAS A CRIMSON BLUE!?!?
HOLY SHI-😵🔫_^^—______

1st knife karmbit sapphire
2nd knife m9 bayonet lore
3rd knife butterfly knife crimson web
4th knife I think another m9 lore but idk nvm after anilyzing it I noticed it’s a m9 24k golden m9
5th knife I believe huntsmans knife with a skin that I don’t think that’s in the game
Lemme keep watching

You don’t flipping flip a karambit that’s some game bull crap, you’ll get hurt and karambits weren’t invented in csgo

I am a fan of gamerknifes expecially karambits.. so i would go for the karambit. I eaven managed to make a nice looking detailed wooden karambit with the support of my dad, who did most of the work

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