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Byrd Wings Knife Review

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There is no "UK Legal" category. We don't ship or sell outside the U.S. so there are no worries about such things. By the way, we still have this as a utility knife at Knives Town and it is still going strong. I refreshed the edge about a month ago and its like brand new again.

Why is this in the legal Uk knives category? The blades are over three inches which is illegal and they lock which is also illegal. How did Knivestown make such a rudimentary mistake?

this is in your legal UK knifes video stream. this isnt legal. any loks knife in UK isnt legal. i think for the safety of other epopel in uk. you should remove this from the legal UK knifes video stream. so no one goes and carries one out.

@rapierlynx It is a little over a half inch thick (9/16ths exactly) so yes, it is slightly on the thickish side but still not undoable. The knife does come with a belt pouch for belt carry if you like that better.

I find its serrated blade wonderful for cutting ropes and tree branches, it has become one of me favourites knives for trekking

Byrd knives are the best bang for the buck out there.The steel is comparable to AUS 8 and holds it's edge quite well.I have much more expensive knives in my collection, yet I have a Byrd Crossbill in my pocket as I type.

Nice review. Also, it would be awesome if you could do some minor tests with the knives, open up a box and cut some rope etc. so we could better see the knives in action and hear more about their performance. Sharpening is another point that many of us subscribers are interested in, how each knife's blade retains it's edge and how easy it is to put that edge back on it.

I enjoy these reviews, keep 'em coming!

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