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Best Fighting Knife 2020 – Top 5 Fighting Knife Reviews

We review 5 popular brands fighting knives, along with some features to look out for when buying for the best fighting knife for yourself.

5. Gerber Fixed Blade Knife

4. KA1245-BRK Fighting Knife

3. KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

2. CRKT Folding Pocket Knife

1. United Cutlery Marine Fighting Bowie Knife

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There are several fighting knives out there to collect from. To make the journey to finding your excellent fighting knife more comfortable, we have selected a list of the top fighting knife on the market. This guide will soon have you on your way to finding the best fighting knife to fit your needs!

In order to help you break down the various choices available, we have formulated a list of the top 5 fighting knife reviews to present you with the best of the best. To help you actually choose, though, we will also go over what you require to know when shopping for a fighting knife in our buying guide.



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7 replies on “Best Fighting Knife 2020 – Top 5 Fighting Knife Reviews”

Why anyone would even consider a united cutlery knife as an actual combat knife is beyond me. They make novelty knives that are for show and if put under any actual stress would break in a heartbeat. Do yourself a favor and don't take this video seriously

The first three knives are reasonable choices. The fourth isn't even a fighting knife, its just an pocket knife with a gimmick handle. Its the final choice that's the real joke, though. Its the sort of junk knife a 14 year old mall ninja would pick! 🤣

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