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Amazon's Top 3 Knives: Most Brutal Review Ever!

Amazon links:
Orsifow Multi tool / RoverTac /Bilbury
Germany 19,99 €
19,99 $
16,89 £

Gerber Paraframe Mini
Germany: 18,30 €
USA: 7,79 $
UK: 13,99 £

MTech MT-A705
Germany: 14,87 €
USA: 12 $
UK: could not find

Ned Foss Tanto slingshot
Germany: 19,99 €
UK, USA: Could not find it

Jim Wagner Knives with slingshot attachment:

Aubey (Böker Magnum Dagger)
Germany: 19,99 €
UK: 52,96 £
USA: Could not find it

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16 replies on “Amazon's Top 3 Knives: Most Brutal Review Ever!”

Have carried a Gerber AR3 for 15-20 years. Gerber makes real quality blades, not surprised to see a low-end Gerber outperform a couple I never heard of.

The mass of the knives has an effect on how much normal force the blades experience, no? Perhaps that's why the smallest knife performed the best on chop test.

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