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My new EDC….

Truly appreciate you watching the videos!!!
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My new EDC….

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I have several XD and XDM pistols. All of them perform well. 10 mm is on my list if they come back in stock. But the real reason for this note is- where do I get that paint job done?

Gotta say it. " U dont need to shoot them just pull it out and show them and they will die or go blind from the ugly bug!" It's a good thing ur a big man to help hide that tank. Pay me no attention opinion is like a asshole and if that's ur thing that's ur thing. Rock on!

Dear friend, I enjoy your videos very much, I grew up in the country side in New York State and love to shoot. Regarding your batteries have you tried Lithium batteries. I learned years ago to use them when snow skiing because they are not so bothered by cold. Hope this helps you. Also you could put a warmed up pack of some kind on your camera to help with what you have now. That works well.

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