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Stedemon Bastion Knife Review

Taking a look at the newest offering from Stedemon Knives, the Bastion.

*Knife does use a ceramic detent and bearings.

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Video out of order or just stupid u don't even talk about the bearings detent ball or anything I didn't wanna sit through to find what I needed in this video

I like the design and was with you until I heard the price. What is it about this knife that justifies a $100+ increase over a Reate? Just curious what I'm missing.

Stedemon seems to have raised their quality quite a bit! The DSM for my pass around was okay, but had some problems. The Quasar was already much nicer, but the Bastion seems to be in another league. I hope they sell well. Most Germans won't pay upwards of 200€ for a knife made in China even if it is really good. The knives from Reate Knives are one of the few exceptions.

You are right about the shipping on Aliexpress. Free shipping takes between 3-6 weeks (to Germany!). Express shipping (Fedex) is a bit hefty, but usually packages arrive in under a week.

Very nice looking. Not to bad of a price if fit and finish are that good. Great review. Really enjoying your channel.

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