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Knife review pt 2 multiple knives

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only thing you need now is the Mtech Raptor Bowie and you will have the best of the Big Bad Blades,,,nice line up you have Straight Shooter ,,,👏👏✌

Best of them all : all of them cold steel together are no match to quality of hand made,forged in fire of Nepal the winner – 3 Chirra Khukuri from KHHI (Khukuri House Handicraft Industry) of Nepal…. These blades are toughest on planet earth,entirely hand made out of highest quality carbon steel..(needs oil) but in performance no Cold Steel is anywhere near,not even close to its mind boggling cutting power & quality ! And all that for third of the price of mass produced junk (scrapyard) which will break/snap in half in first encounter of wilderness

The Chow, blood groove, there are many meanings, and myth's, but because it's deferentially tempered, meaning, the spine is softer than the edge, two toughnesses one blade, if you didn't have a release, when the blade twists, it would snap, that is cut out where the harder edge and softer steel meet.

I have a few Cold Steel knives, I'm not big on extra large folders, it would be more sence for me to go with a fix blade, but anyhow, I have the Rajah 1, and you have two or three Espada's, think about it, I would trade, then I have the Talwar original San Mai3, a Black Sable San Mai3, a Black Rhino in AUS8, a medium Vesquero, (2) Recon Scouts, one I use the other one is virgin, a pre 1980 Trailmaster in San Mai3, with a convex grind, that's the way they use to make it, a O.D.A. and a S.R.K.the S.R.K., the Recon Scout's, and the O.D.A. are in CarbonV, my newest set of C.S.'s, are the Mini Pendleton, it's in VG-1, not San Mai, a S.R.K. in San Mai3, the Master Hunter in San Mai, the Recon Tanto, in San Mai, and the Kukuri Plus, that one is in 0-1, oh yeah, I also have a Recon Tanto in CarbonV, but to be honest, at one time for the money, CarbonV was a great knife steel, but when Camillus went belly uo, C.S. stopped making the CatbonV, it is the 0170-6C steel, well now Sharon Steel is making it, and most of the Ka-Bar knives are in 1095 CroVan, same as CarbonV, so I bought almost the whole Becker Line of BK's, in 1095 CroVan, today my favorite steel is the 52100 Ballbearing Steel, when you Deferentially Temper the 52100, it becomes one heck of a knife steel, Swamp Rat call's it the SR101, my go to set are the Rodent Solution, Ratmandu, Rodent 7, and the Rodent 9, I'm usually a 3knife carry guy, out of those four, I can come up with a combination of carry, even EDC, with the Rodent Solution, buy the way Bro, the Esoada is a way thicker blade than a 1/8 of an inch, and my Himalayan Import Khukuri are the M-43, I have two, 13", and almost a 1/2" thick, and 10", and 7m/m thick, the large Khukuri has a Black Buffalo Handle, the smaller one has a Creamy with Tan Streak Handle, I believe the blade material is 5160, not 1095, even though, the smaller car's have 1095 sorings, chances are your's is 5160, but it too is Deferentially Tempered

@gtrefghuk hey could you please do a review on your mukti…I am thinking of getting one and would really like to see a video on it.

I like Cold Steel for what is worth, I am uploading a new video on blades right now. I prefer American made also, I have 150 plus blades & a few dozen different manufacturers . I just accept it…Thanks my friend

I like your channel but i don't understand the obsession with Chinese made knives…What happened to Made in America?? I bought an "American Lawman" from Cold Steel a few years ago. I was very disappointed to see it was made in Taiwan. Not to mention the $90.00 price tag for Chinese junk. Just my two cents…

The 5 Chirra. I have one. Now you want to talk about a real beast! Or check out the Khukuri house Mukti. HOLY CRAP!

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