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CRKT Pilar III EDC Knife Review

Another interesting EDC Video just for you Thank you for Watching! 🤘🏻🤘🏻


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6 replies on “CRKT Pilar III EDC Knife Review”

I've had them all, including the Ace Biblio which is the premium design. As far as the Pilar goes, the 3 in my opinion is the best one to date.

I wasn't a fan of version 1 or 2 but really like the look of version 3. One of those I will definitely have to get. Thanks for sharing it.

CRKT has come out with some interesting things. Like the CRKT 5375 Trask with the Deadbolt® Lock. What do you think of the Deadbolt Lock?

Voxneas named it after Ernest Hemingway's boat. This means it's pronounced …like "pee-lar" … instead of P-lar or pie-lar, but whatever floats your boat, 😉 pun intended. Sweet knife it's getting rave reviews!👍

Very good look on the 3 . I still don’t own any version of the Pilar !! Although I have been a fan of them all . This new blade shape is great !! Thanks for the video !! Take care brother .

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