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Camillus LK6 | Knife Review/Torture Test

The 2nd installment of the Camillus knives. This little bugger was not the sharpest, but still packed a punch. We want to thank everyone that joined us this year, or who have been with us from the start. Hope everybody has a great Christmas and stay safe!

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5 replies on “Camillus LK6 | Knife Review/Torture Test”

Use the finger choil for the 4 finger gripping. For $15 and average user experience, it's a great knife. Every knife isn't meant to be a survival knife.

Haa ja!! "Like the chubby kid gets thru football camp", hilarious!! Good review guys have a great new 2021!!

Hi guys, first of all Merry Christmas and happy holidays. What can I say … a difficult knife to frame. It is not to be thrown away but the blade too small, the fact that it loses its sharpness very easily, does not penetrate well are all negative points. A plus point is undoubtedly the price. I would give it a 6 – as a grade. Good life see you soon

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