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Beginners Guide To Real Knife Sharpening

Curb your dull knives. Please. But also, if you don’t want to sharpen your knife, that’s okay too. I’m just giving you the option and ability to take your knife from dull to sharper than a razor using a whetstone. 😉 Also *DISCLAIMER*: This technique is something that I learned as a beginner while working in restaurants. It was really only intended to get newbies started on the idea of using a whetstone. This video is NOT intended to be a professional all inclusive knife video. It’s simply supposed to be a fun/entertaining video to get people interested in learning about knife sharpening. I suggest doing your own research and finding your own way to sharpen a knife after getting started off this guide!

The King Whetstone that I use:

Music – Barbecue Music By Engelwood:
(I accidentally made the mistake of crediting Jef kaale Because I thought this was his song but I recently found out it was Engelwood’s song, woops! Go check Engelwood out if you enjoyed this music.)

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The Amazon reviews for this whetstone mention that it's radioactive, at a rate of 10x background. As someone who knows something about radioactivity, I'm definitely fine with this. These people obviously don't have granite countertops, or else they'd REALLY be freaked out to learn that their countertop is slowly microwaving their food. Oh and speaking of which, I guess they don't know how microwaves work either; the Chernobyl elephant's foot is a joke compared to what one of those things put off. 300cpm from the stone just means that the stone is made of stone. I'm buying one.

I have no sharp knives in the house and we have no cut fingers. It's easy to see you have no young children around your house.

thankful now that i bought a Nirey KE198 electric knife sharpener, its a lot easier and if i want a shaper edge ill pay a professional sharpener for it, but an expensive electric machine is much easier than this.

razor sharp knives are a joy to use in the kitchen i love my io Shen knives.i remember using steak knives to prepare vegetables it was awful.

400 grit with 1000 grit (you don't need anything more for a home kitchen knife for what you need) otherwise you'll be there forever trying to sharpen a dull knife with a 1000 grit and a 6000 grit 😂

I am Confident you "can" get a knife sharp this way , but this is just a waste of time and take´s to mutch time to lern for the avarege human, just get like a "tormek t8 " and you get perfekt edge in like 60 second!! and perfect every time !

I was looking at the Amazon reviews for the stone you suggested to us and there are some review saying that the stones are radioactive, are they still food safe?

So I imagine if you have a flat knife without a curve, like a clever or something, you just use the same motion throughout the hole thing.

Oops when i checked price of whetstone, in India it is rs 6500, i can buy dozens of knives for this amount..
Anyone your video was informative 👍

i watched just for fun and found out that i've been sharpening my knives wrong for years. i always thought the higher grain was for finishing. i was following sandpaper rules! 🤦‍♂️

Okay, so if you are watching this and are thinking “I’m too lazy to let a stone soak and do all that” you can get knives razor sharp, I mean, they will shave your hair with one stroke. Using a Norton two sided oil stone. They’re impregnated with mineral oil, which is food safe, and even though they are only 350 grit on the fine side, they hold on to the shavings. So they very quickly become smoother than paper. I’ve used many stones, but this is my baby now. I just do a quick polish every other day and my knives are so sharp it’s almost scary, even with solid knife skills.

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