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The CJRB Kicker 'Recoil Lock' Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at the ‘Kicker’, a knife featuring a new locking approach by CJRB and Artisan Cutlery, the sliding-bar-based ‘recoil lock’.

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I would be interested in seeing more options with this lock… but I am a recent convert to small fixed blades for EDC.

CJRB – hands down one of the most underrated makers out there. Love my Crag, almost as much as my custom para 2…..almost.

It's probably a little larger than I like for EDC, but a $40 full ambi flipper in D2? This lefty is intrigued.

I've had mine for a few months now, but it hasn't seen much pocket time. I love the concept of the lock, but it was cast cheaply, which causes it to rattle and have terrible grip. If CJRB fixed that, and maybe used some weaker omega springs, I'd totally carry it imstead of my griptilian.
It's also worth noting that mine came with flush pocket clip screws, but that might just be a feature of the carbon fiber model, idk.

I have one and the clip screws are now recessed into the clip. Also, mine developed vertical blade play and bad centering within a week. Just a few things to note.

It is a pretty solid knife, but my biggest gripe is the flipper tab interaction with the lock. I feel like they could have altered the shape to avoid that.

I just noticed something. My kickers clip screws are flush. I wonder if you have an older model. I just received mine maybe 3 months ago.

How about you could buy 4 of these and still not be at the price of a Benchmade for the same lock essentially.. 🤔

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