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Dashboard Review #200: Urban EDC F5.5

Here’s a link for the CF configuration — get one before they’re gone!

Urban EDC F5.5 – Carbon Fiber & Elmax (Exclusive)

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Thank you, Eugene.

I find it odd, and maybe you, Alex, or someone else here may have some insight on this?

The Giant Mouse Ace Grand in Natural Micarta and Elmax. Dropped at the exact same time as this knife did. In its Micarta version.
Same Designer.
Same Steel.
Same handle material.
All arriving stateside, at the same time. Has there been a public, or a behind the scenes collaboration/partnership with these two companies, that I have not read about yet?

I opted for purchasing the Grand at that moment. Rather than this F5.5 in Micarta.

Reviewers always hate lanyard holes, yet there are many who buy lanyard beads for outrageous prices. Theres too much of a market to due away with lanyard holes

I like it. I was interested when I saw these come out. Dude… those flush pivot screws are crazy nice 👍. They sit so flush.. really like it! Looks clean 🧼!!!!

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