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How to turn your Misen into a $200 knife!

Disclosure: Misen sent me the set of 2.0 knives for review and comparison. But prior to them sending this to me, I also backed their kickstart and got a grey version of the chef knife with my own money. This video/instruction can be done to most chef knives with a sharp spine/choil.

In this video, I will show you a knife mod or knife hack that will teach you How to turn your Misen into a $200 knife! Ok, it will not be literally $200, but it will make it FEEL like one. We are going to crown the spine (rounding of the spine) and round off the choil to make this already fantastic knife into one of the best knife for $65!

Materials used:
– Bench vise
– Flat diamond file. Affiliate Link: ( )
– For easier choil work, use a round diamond file:
( )
– 220 to 1200 grit silicone carbide wet/dry sandpaper
– Masking/painters tape
– Butcher/Olive/canola oil

Tool list: 2:30
Instruction: 5:05
Before and after: 11:55

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Additional tool info: Round file works much better on choil work. Difference between a regular bastard file vs diamond file. Diamond files are meant for harder materials, such as hardened steel. In our case, a 58hrc chef knife. Bastard files are usually only 60hrc and for any knives with a hrc higher than 60, the bastard file will not do much if anything.

When i was cutting carrots with my misen santoku, i literally had to put a band aid on my finger to protect it from the sharp spine on the knife.

My every day beater is currently a 9-inch Mercer Renaissance, and luckily those knives are 25-45 dollars off Amazon and come with a pre-rounded spine and choil
and decent german Stainless. I do touch ups once every 3 months on it

Great work. If I may ask, are you familiar with Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife, 8-Inch Chef's knife? If so could you recommend the one you would prefer and why? Thank you

How jive. You lost me as soon as you pulled out the Harbor freight abrasives. HF abrasives shouldn't even be sold – they're worthless. Any way, if you're pressing on the spine of a chef's knife with your thumb, you don't know what you're doing.

Now I know why I'm hurting my finger all the time I'm using my knife.. I have to do it… I have a vise.. I need to buy some good quality sandpaper 👍Thanks for showing us!

Great mod. I'm wondering why Misen let these roll off their production line like that? I'm considering one but this is holding me back. I'd bet the guy from burrbenders could do this mod as he sharpens for Misen too.

You should practice your dialog because you speak very slow and you lose your train of though too much. I wanted to rip my ears off when listening to you.

If I mail you my knife will you do this lol I’m willing to pay. The craftsmanship looks really good at the end. Awesome DIY

If the goal is just better finish there's the Zhen Katsura 210mm chef's knife (don't mistake it for the gyuto version if you want this profile). Same steel, only honed it on leather after every month, then stropped on a Rika 5000 after the third month (I don't do fancy hard chopping or use it to go through poutlry thighs). Depending on Amazon prices it can be in the low $30-ish range and $55.

It's not as smooth as the end result on this Misen but judging by the reviews about how rough it is that mics can pick up markedly more noise when scratching near the ferrule it's definitely more refined.

Just received my Missen Chef knife yesterday and noticed the roughness of the spline. This worked like magic! Thanks so much for your videos.

Worthwhile vid to have made. Thanks man. But, what gets me is why Misen didn't bother doing this this themselves. Is it just cheaper for them to pay to have the knives sharpened and not also have the spine and choil rounded? I heard they do pay some one to sharpen their knives..he has a video here on YouTube. Not sure if he meant he has sharpened Misen knives or does all the sharpening before they go out to customers. I'll probably do the same when I get around to ordering maybe the 3-knife pack…

Terrible Customer service!
I had received a scratched pan. which didn't bother so much but after using it 2 weeks under normal use the food was sticking to the rim area. So returned it from their provided mailing label. Not a peep from them after a dozen emails. They keep sending their standard high volume with a promise of reply. 12 emails I've sent them. Basically, they stole my money.  I will continue to post about their terrible service and product. Yes, the sleeve comes right off. Perfect if you like mold to grow, and dangerous for kids to handle.

Great mod vid! I really like the explanation of tool options but showing the minimum for those who lack the upgraded tools.

I love your videos, you have a great kitchen. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a pro and con video about different cast Iron brands? I am really interested in seeing the finex, nest homeware, and smithey all together to see what each of them do well. Or a video about the Solidteknics Nöni stainless steel vs all-Clad stainless would be awesome. I’ve only seen one video showing the difference on induction, not gas. Have you tried copper cookware and how it differs from popular stainless steel or carbon steel cookware? I have some Soy Turkiye items and they are incredible, but don’t buy on their website, I got mine on and saved over $200 since they are in America already and not in Turkey. P.S. the silver lining is the only one you want, it lasts for decades unlike tin that can only go to 450 degrees and scratches easier. Or, and final idea lol, could you try showing the differences between the Solidteknics wrought iron vs carbon steel of some kind, like blu skillet or Matfer borgeat? Sorry this comment was so long, just some things I’ve been wanting to get an actual chefs opinion on. Anyway, keep up the good work. 😁

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