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The BEST EDC PISTOL EVER? Special Forces Veteran Test Sig P320X Carry

Former Special Forces SGM Mike Glover test and evaluates the Sig Sauer P320X Carry for Every Day Carry.

Pistola Reviewed
Sig Sauer P320X Carry

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25 replies on “The BEST EDC PISTOL EVER? Special Forces Veteran Test Sig P320X Carry”

This was actually very informative for a review type video. I need to take a field craft pistol class! I have been keeping my eyes peeled for an Oregon class but there is no love yet, or I have missed them.

how about a good beginner "how to be tacticle" exercise group with strategies for typical senarios the everyday person may encounter. from the bedside table, from the vehicle, in a crowd, from standing kneeling lying positions. Thanks great vid on the Sig I've been circling

Truth is all these fancy guns do the same thing. Get a reliable, cost effective gun for your budget lifestyle. Train with it. Train again. In the end, if you use it for self defense, theres going to be major costs and you might loose your gun for a while. So… NRA, insurance, and a spare gun are always a good fundamental part of keeping you and your family safe. Dont buy into the hype of just one fancy gun. Id rather have several Ruger or Taurus. Be smart. Its not just about guns. Protection physically and legally.

Been carrying the full size 320 as my primary since they were released and i still love it. I started my career with Glock and i still have it as a desk gun/secondary home defense pistol, but now i only use 320 full size as primary, subcombact as backup, and compact as uc ops edc

Mike love this gun. I got the compact though. I put a RDS on it and it doesn't leave my side.
OH! hey when will you have another Gunfighters Advanced class again? up in WA state.

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