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Spyderco Endura 4 Stainless Steel Knife EDC Review

Spyderco Endura Stainless (on BladeHQ – Currently cheaper than Amazon):–Spyderco-ENDURA-4-SS–7352

Spyderco Endura 4 (other scales):

Spyderco Endura 4 Stainless Steel(Amazon):

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10 replies on “Spyderco Endura 4 Stainless Steel Knife EDC Review”

I've had my endura ss combo edge since 2003. It's gone into combat with me, it's my daily carry and it's still going strong. It is a workhorse and I do not baby it. I agree, it is not a small knife and will get attention when you whip it out🙄

I just ordered the SS endura version, I am one of the rare people that doesn't like the FRN scales, they just look cheap, I just wish the SS version came in FF grind and ZDP. I am a bit picky I guess. good review, subbed.
Also I don't think the scratching of the SS handles is a problem, most people complain it scratches, but you could easily just get some sand paper and bring it back to new in a few mins of sanding.

Terrible review. Instead of actually reviewing the knife, he just talks about how it's not the right size for him over and over. He repeats the same information, Over and over.

stainless steal is beautiful! i might need to look into getting one of them, I do love my tenacious with green g10 handles! have you tried a Geralt?

Good review bud! I have daily carried my stainless endura 4 since 2012 every day, the knife is perfect for me, it has the serrations with the regular grind combo blade (idk the correct name for that specific grind lol) and it is a very useful knife, i have tried to replace it but i keep going back to this knife, its slim, its solid, its easy on the eyes, when you use it it feels like its a solid tool not a plasticky flimsy tool. I have been thinking about buying another one but in the "regular" ground blade without the serrations.

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