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Asher Knives Spiro S35VN Knife Review

Asher Knives Spiro a brand created by Justin, named after is son. This is just one of the knives that he offers, check out the other designs on his site.


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Blade Banter
PO Box 4441
Salem, OR, 97302

Steel PMI and Rockwell Tests

Lubricant Testing

Printable Glove Sizing Chart

Creely Blades Steel Chart

Steel Comparison Charts


YouTube Channel

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3 replies on “Asher Knives Spiro S35VN Knife Review”

Nice looking knife except for the big plate over the unused pocket clip holes. Would be nice if it was somewhat the same color as the handle due to its size. Other than that it looks good nice materials just not sure how it will fit in my hands.

why on earth did they get rid of the axis style lock? it was after the patent ran out. big mistake on their part! love your model for reviewing knives, more details than anyone else, how do u measure angle of detent? just a protractor through an imaginary axis line? or do u have a special instrument?

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