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OerLa OLF-1008 knife review

another great EDC blade perfect for belt carry

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Just subscribed! Been interested in this brand for awhile. Gonna have to get this knife and see what they have to offer!

Hi Donnie Mark here, i have one to but it's a different shape, i wanted to ask you could you do a tip test to see how it holds up, Thanks in advance

OERLA 1008 is the only one Amazing does not carry. Nice little fixed pocket knife. A real crowd pleasure! Donny B got me hooked on these can openers! They are so thick you think you have a 12” bowie!

I picked up a blade similar size but it was made by somebody that’s a full-time EMT that’s an aspiring blade Smith at a gun show a couple months ago it’s a great size nice to carry

Really nice EDC/Survival. The texturing all around is cool.
Also, ill need your help with something next week. It has to do with ordering. So, if we can talk over the phone (Messenger). That would be great.

So many knives so little time!! Gotta check out this brand. Love the review son! Rosco stole the show!!

After the 15 inch custom kukri from 52100 i just can't deal with the small blades anymore.

I ordered the bowie knife. But I do need a more convenient knife as well. I love the review and the design of this knife. Nice thick spine and super sharp. Amazon has it for $25.85 well within my budget! Saved!

Brother your videos are not just very informative but also very entertaining I love them ,that’s a nice durable knife and it looks very good and the thickness is impressive, take care brotha love ya

Hi D Bad . like the looks of those knives I particularly like the one with the big belly that you previously reviewed . love the DBad Nepalese Gladius , I watched your use video a few times , even once at half speed makes it sound like you had a stroke. Thanks Again great video. Thanks

I have EDCd the OLX 004 and never noticed the texturing on the spine. Dbad has enlightened me! I love the OLX 004 and am a bit sad that I'm going to replace it with a custom knife from the Khukri House.

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