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The Kubey Vagrant is an excellent edc blade. Great grind. Nice in hand. Kubey did a nice job on keeping this little hobo a great budget offering. 🙂

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A very cool knife! But one must ask do we now fight our hobos with the vagrant or fight our vagrants with the hobo. Truly a quandary in this world 🤔 next coupon gotta go with bathroom remodel

It seems like alot of companies are going with a homeless theme. "Vagabond", "Hobo", maybe alot of knife addicts are in serious debt soon to be homeless.

The Kubey Vagrant for stabbing mellow hobos??? The next coupon will be for a car wash, but more importantly what will be the knife.

Just got my AD10 today. I might have to pick this up too. I’m going to need a knife to match my lifestyle after the wife kicks me out for buying too many knives.

Love flat imbedded screws, rather than round, makes for a nice smooth look and feel.
Yes, Lefties don't always get that cutout, which makes for difficult thumb deployment, but usually great for spydie flicks.
No Kubey in my collection, but their rainbow titanium work looks amazing on a few of their pieces, like the Shadow Crane, wicked.
Be safe.

I like the Kubey Carve alot, the Locust and the Hellfire are lil thick and chunky. It all seemed pretty good for the prices.

Do any of your Recon1s have flaws? Mine has a bunch. Light shows through the scales&most of all the spine on the blade doesnt meet up with the lock bar..theres a 1/8" gap&the notch on the blade that hooks the pin on top shows light through it when it's closed&the indent on the lock bar doesnt meet up with the indent in the scales where ya push down with your thumb.

I have never liked the feeling of thumbholes. It's one reason why I have never found a spyderco folder I want. The tiny blade makes it a pass.

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