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Daggerr Parrot Blue Knife Review

Daggerr Blue Parrot Knife Review

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Dagger Knives:

Finish: Stonewash
Weight: 6.60 oz.
Overall Length: 10.75″
Blade Thickness: 0.16″
Cutting Edge: 4.25″
Blade Width: 1.12″
Blade Material: D2
Blade Style: Spear point
Edge Type: Plain
Handle Length: 6.00″
Handle Material: G10
Best Use: Tactical
Blade Length: 4.75″

Necklace and earrings:

Plaid shirt:

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22 replies on “Daggerr Parrot Blue Knife Review”

Hi Carla we love all your videos here in South Philly You are smart and adorable Thank you God Bless Be Safe πŸŽ…

This is the first I am hearing of this brand. Will have to check them out. Might be a good fit for my hands. As usual you are awesome. Keep reviewing knives.

I'm going to have to pick up that knife since it looks so awesome.

You should go on Blade HQ's knife banter.

Your audio and video are out of sync for me. I don't notice much of a difference between your old mic and the new one, maybe a little less echo now, I don't know.

Carla!😍😍😍 that is definitely a big knife! And a very bright blue handle! Love the new look, beautiful as always! Are those actual prescription glasses? Or just for looks..πŸ˜‰ regardless they look great on you!

Pony tail looks amazing!

On a side note….your lucky husband likes the functionality of it more then the fashion I bet. Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Nice review! I bought the Daggerr Vendetta, but wanting this one next, especially the blue. The Vendetta is a little longer and doesn't have the lanyard like that one. Now, it looks like I will have to get the Blue Parrot as well :).

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