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Unboxing / Reviewing a Cheap Survival Kit From Amazon (Puhibuox)

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it's a tactical flashlight, those bezels (sp?) on the end of the flashlight can be used defensively as it focuses the force into a smaller surface area. and the fork thing, i think you can pull the handle/whistle off to reveal a knife underneath.

I was getting worried, it’s been a few days and I needed my JJ fix! BTW good news, a week ago I got my two orders of BUDK scratch & dent swords…8 freaking Blue Fury’s! 😂 3 days later, 4 phone calls and 5 emails I finally got an intelligent person who agreed it was a mistake. They sent me a pre-paid shipping label and claim when they receive my 8 Fury’s they’ll send me 8 other swords. Fingers crossed!

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