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Camillus Bushcrafter Knife Review, Black Friday Acquisition

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24 replies on “Camillus Bushcrafter Knife Review, Black Friday Acquisition”

Well i just checked Amazon several yrs later it's still close to $70. For this knife so its still holding its value.

Sexy curves on this knife! I like it a lot. Got to add it to my list of blades to own. Thanks for the review.

Honestly I love this knife and never thought I would find the perfect knife for me. With the secondary bevel it is going to dull eventually and when that happens you can just sharpen it or sharpen it out completely. Not a huge deal for me at least.

Amazon had it for $36 back in October of 2017. Must be a yearly thing where they put it on sale. Took them about two months to deliver though. Definitely worth it at that price. Currently almost three times that price! Definitely NOT worth $100. Use something like camelcamelcamel to watch the price. Finish is not great; spine doesn’t look like it was ground at all. Scale bolts are significantly deeper in the counter sinks on one side. But it’s a “worker, not a looker” so I’m fine with that. Used the Worksharp to put a micro-convex at the bottom of that Scandi. Steel is just too thick for that Scandi; you just end up with a pry bar if you don’t do something to reduce that obtuse edge angle. Wish the dark color came from the heat treat (more rustic) but I believe it is just bluing.

I just picked up a Buck 103 sheath for mine . Fits perfectly and rides higher on my hip which I find more comfortable.

thanks for the review i have owned this knife for two years now .i put a proper skandi grind on it and now its my main carry knife .i think its one tough knife i just wish the price here in canada was not so high thanks

I did a feather making test with the Camillus Bushcrafter, a Real Steel Buscraft II and a Jaakaripuuko 140 from the Verusaleka website, the Jaakaripuuko was first, the Real Steel second and the Bushcrafter third. Something about the edge geometry on the Bushcrafter just did not want to feather well.

This Knife is temporarily out of stock but the price dropped down to $36 on Amazon! Get one now while the price is down!

I've had mine for over a year now and I've been really pleased. It's held up very well. I noticed the sharp handle scales as well, but they either wore down with time, or I adapted. I paid more than twice what he's quoting, but that's the burden of the Canadian retail market.

Say Heah Is, I found a Camillus I had for a few years, I must of been showing some friends the knife, I found it again by my Nic-Nac's Check it out on Google Plus just search Paulie 4X and tell me what you think Ok. ,, .

I am trying to get in the mood of the bushcraft philosophy but I don't if I am supposed to use a small knife or a small knife along with a big knife and a hatchet and a saw or if I am supposed to forge the knife like in the movie The Hunted. I guess I should start with the second option.

got one about 6 months ago I polished the blade put a zero grind skandi which is laser razor sharp now it then i sanded the handle edges a bit after that I used a paint stripper gun to absolutely soak the sheath with bees wax this has become one of my favourite knives and i carry it more than any other and after 6 months use my opinion is it holds and edge as well as any of my Ontario knives or kabars in carbon steel

What do people mean when they say a scandi with a secondary bevel? I thought that a scandi was defined by not having a secondary bevel

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