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Buck Bada$$ Camp Knife Review (the Hoodlum)

Buck Bada$$ Camp Knife Review (the Hoodlum)

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9 replies on “Buck Bada$$ Camp Knife Review (the Hoodlum)”

You know it's a beast when it makes them peace maker look small. A very cool design definitely seems to be a great camp knife. Great review 👍

I would not trust my life on it due to the notch in the blade, I would constantly go and wonder if it might crack. There are many similar knives without the notch that I will rely on, Tops, Kabar, Condor, Bark River, etc. Thanks anyway

When you showed the "Peacemaker". I wouldve named it, "The Guillotine" or "The Executioner".
The Buck is nice. Ill agree though, with the notch on the blade. Being a stress riser.

Some people think it's odd that I like to carry 4" folders.Fixed blades are nice but they just wouldn't work for me.I kind of wish I lived in the country where they would be more acceptable

I'll grab my mora if I'm going to be doing yardwork or something. Have a new nessmuk coming for trips to the woods. So no I guess I don't really "edc" a fixed blade but I'd like to get into it. Thanks Dirk!

Hey there, as much as I really enjoy your content, I will be leaving YouTube. Sure I’m just one guy, but I hope others including yourself will make a stand against the totalitarianism and censorship we are now seeing from big tech. I hope have success but sincerely hope to see your channel elsewhere, or bitchute etc.

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