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Buck 110 hunter folding knife review

It’s a classic

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Yeah I get it. This is not a good choice for self defense but a damn good knife for most tasks. Hard to beat.

Carry it for a month. it will become indispensable. Seems like youre expecting a military knife. The Name is the Buck 110 "HUNTER"

it was first released in 1964, not 1962, a bazillion of us have carried since, and still do. Obsolete? it's still one of the best sellers ever, maybe not as trendy as some, but still one of the best performers ever.

This is my everyday carry and i can't see carrying anything else. This is a man's knife and I'm a man who likes wood and steel. My guns aren't plastic and neither are my knives . You have to open it with 2 hands? Your god dam right! And once you do it's as strong as a fixed blade . So every point that you made was only in favor of the buck 110 but for calling it obsolete I give your video 2 thumbs down.

I have a 2006 110 and I like the weight (but not clip point blades). I usually carry a Gerber 06 Manual, Benchmade Adamas, Ganzo G720 (Lionsteel copy) or a Buck 110. I like heavy folders because they are intended for harder use with the full steel liners and striker pommel. I guess the 110’s bolster could be used as a pommel also. Also, get a 110 thumb stud on Blade HQ. But heavy just means I know it’s there and I prefer the longer blade length on bigger folders. I am looking at Copper and Clad’s Aluminum bolster lightweight drop point 110 with pocket clip, DL Trading’s stainless steel bolster drop point in S35VN or the nickel silver bolster drop point in 20CV. But after owning the ‘super steels’ I don’t see the point anymore. 5160 in fixed blades and bos 420HC is all I need for the mountains. Plus ease of sharpening in the field! In addition, I mix beeswax and a little neatsfoot oil and heat gun for any leather conditioning. Just refurbished five pairs of my old hockey skates using this combination and they have new life.

Peoples had got so dang lazy that can't use 2 hands to open a knife and if the knife is heavy they can't carried them smh

My first REAL knife. Father got one each for me and my brother in the '90s. Love it. The wood has dried out and split a bit.

Hi, you have to make a follow up on this very same knife if you can borrow it, to check it out after 7 years. And better video quality 😊👍. Cheers

I prefer the Buck or Schrade Lb7 over my kershaw when I travel outback. They are hefty and can be used for a lot more things.

I have a Buck 110 which my ex gave me in 2004 . But my preference back in 1980 was the Schrade LB7 folding hunter which my father gave me in 1980 and I still have. I carry one or another at various times.

This is a great knife ,carry it every day .better then most of the junk out there.he says not practical one more time I'll smack the hell is it not practical? Who are you rambo.and the knife is to heavy? Are you kidding me.this is a EDC peace of equipment.if you don't have one get one.

I highly disagree, this knife is not obsolete!! This knife is a classic and has stood the test of time and is still a best seller to this day, I EDC this knife and it has not failed me when I needed it. The problem today is you have this moron generation that think that everything should be lighter and stronger and faster. Well if you want something lighter, then carry a plastic butter knife, but as for me I will stick to a knife that has outlasted all the others and even the imitations. Blade HQ did a video where they tested popular lockbacks, and the 110 beat every single one, and they couldn't even break it, in fact, they maxed out at 380lbs and it was still holding. No other knife has generations of stories and legends behind it as this one does and I love hearing people tell me their stories and experiences with the Buck 110. This knife will continue to hold its own for ages more to come.

You've never worked on a farm or ranch. This is the knife I have used for longer then I like to think about. As for back packing, yep it goes with me. As for as a one hand open, I do that all the time. Hold the knife closed by the blade, point up. With a flick of the wrist the handle will "flip" open, takes a bit of practice. But then again I"m 56 and have used my 110 for more things then I like to think about.

I carry a Buck 110 every day.Not in my pocket, on my belt. It can do anything. Critics always say, "Ya, but it's heavy too"…

…that's what I love about it!

It's funny that you put down the grip and ease of opening of one the strongest lock blades ever made but you modify knives that you pay four times as much for for the grip you want. Or the sheath isn't good enough…. Doesn't make any sense to me or any of the other millions of buck 110 owners and users. For somebody who is so knowledgeable about knives and accessories you didn't know that Kwik makes a thumb stud for these and other " obselete" lock backs for $6.95 on eBay that make them easy to open one handed and buck makes the 110 with synthetic handles that are lighter and have more grip. Must be a knife has to be more tactical or have exotic handles that stick to your hand like glue to be used nowadays for EDC. I guess I will be part of the obselete crowd that still uses a knife that's not status quo! Do your homework next time before you do your evaluation.

In no way shape or form is the Buck 110 an obsolete knife. Just a silly thing to say. There are probably are many more choices when it comes to folding locking knives today than any point in history. Most of those are gimmicks. I would speculate half if not more will be gone and out of production while this knife is still selling string. Buck has a forever warranty too.

"Obsolete"? It's a knife. And it's a fantastic all-purpose knife that has proven itself over the past 50 years. The 110 is easy to EDC and amazingly comfortable in hand. I've carried a 110 on & off for the past 35 years. They were awesome back then….and still are.

Skinny little Spydercos with uncomfortable pocket clips might be more 'modern', but they aren't any more functional. The 110 is hugely practical, certainly as practical as my Spyderco PM2 or Endura. Practical, except for backpacking.

Backpackers will want something much lighter. Maybe a Victorinox Executive or Tinker, Spyderco Delica or Dragonfly, Buck Small Vantage, or a Benchmade Mini Griptilian. A Leatherman Juice S2 is a better choice for most backpackers, and it weighs less than a 110.

Thumbs down for bad info.

I love the Buck 110 folder. Much better than a modern folder!! Solid American "Old School" quality and durability that your grandchildren will be passing on to their children.

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