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Best Cheap Folding Knife Review | Stanley Fatmax FMHT0 10312

Best Cheap Folding Knife Review | Stanley Fatmax FMHT0-10312 – Here I unbox and review the best value for money folding knife that will be perfect for tradesman jobs as well as carrying around for tasks when on the move by motorcycle for example or camping etc

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Stanley FMHT0-10312 Fatmax Premium Knife

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10 replies on “Best Cheap Folding Knife Review | Stanley Fatmax FMHT0 10312”

I dont carry a knife either but I'm always seem to be in need of one but I used to carry the Leatherman crunch and found myself using it for everything instead of the proper tool

Hi ! I made a mistake reading the comments before I listened to the video. Thank goodness I have now listened to this video. Actually I own the Stanley knife and the small one where you move a spring to the side so the blade comes out.
Very handy owning them and obviously for the purposes designed.


I didn't think knives were legal in the UK. I have acquaintances online from the UK that can't have/wear a real sgian dubh's when kilted. It has to be a ceremonial blade and they can be hassled over it. I use a double edged boot knife 5" blade instead of the ceremonial shite. In the US, at least where I live it isn't a problem. I am not a knifer either, but if I am going to have/wear one, it will be functional.

I’d put it in that lovely new tool roll if I were you. I think you’d get nicked with that in your pocket (excuse the pun )

Here in Texas we have no restrictions on blade length, we only can't have a pop out knife which is any knife aided by a pressed button. The knife I normally carry is about 7-10 inches and I wear it on my belt🤷🏽‍♂️

To remove an opponent's liver, a 3" blade is probably sufficient in the UK, but in the US, you'll need something longer to get thru the additional layers of blubber.

I used to have a Swiss Army knife as a kid. It had a small magnifying glass attachment. I remember burning my initials into a rubber topped bin lid in the school playground with the help of the scorching summer sunlight of ‘76.
I’ve never owned a knife since although this one Alf seems fit for purpose.

Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think in the comments below. More videos like this here:

PS. Thanks to all who have contacted me about the legality of this knife in the UK for personal carry which I was not aware of. Just to be clear I am not carrying this knife on my person at any stage and is only in my tool kit or camping kit. Cheers

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