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Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt Review! Best CCW Belt for the Money!!

In this video I review the Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt. This belt is great and specifically designed for people who appendix carry inside the waist band. It is made out of 1.5″ double stitched nylon webbing which makes this belt very durable and rigid in order to support the weight of your firearm. It has a low profile, minimalist belt buckle made out of steel that is designed to not interfere with your holster when you’re carrying AIWB. This belt is made in the USA which makes it even more awesome! For the price point of around $30 you’ll be hard pressed to find a better, more rigid, durable, made in the USA gun belt for the money. Check out the full review above and be sure to watch until the end for all of the good information. I linked where you can purchase the belt below at They have excellent customer service and I dealt with them directly. They were very friendly and beyond helpful. Disclaimer: Blue Alpha Gear did send me this belt for review. I was 100% completely honest in my review and remained unbiased. The belt truly is good for concealed carry and I have no complaints with it. I hope you enjoyed the review and thanks for watching!

Blue Alpha Gear EDC Belt:

Blue Alpha Gear:

Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC Belt:

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10 replies on “Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt Review! Best CCW Belt for the Money!!”

ah man.. why do people still make holsters with fomi clips.. awesome belt btw. simple and it works. only thing they could have changed is added more velcro space on both ends. just not enough. al the very least half the belt could have been velcro

I have a standard blue alpha gear belt & love this dang belt. It's great! However you need to compare apples to apples here. You compared the weak edc 511 belt to the sturdy blue alpha gear belt. 511 does make a very rigid belt for concealed carry.

Would be awesome if the slots were a little wider so you could use the buckle like a tri-glide for extra security.

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