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Tolerances and Materials. These Knives are the Complete Package! | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 52)

Kurt and Jamie talk about WE/Civivi knives and why they are great production knives. Check out WE Knife Co. here:

Check out Civivi here:

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Knives in order of appearance:
0:00 Intro
1:48 Civivi Hooligan:
3:30 Civivi Elementum:
5:30 Civivi Baklash:
7:58 Civivi Asticus:
9:49 Cviviv Bullmastiff:
12:05 WE Banter:
15:30 WE Gesila Prybar:
15:55 WE Syrinx Tactical Pen:
16:15 WE Titanium Whistle:
17:04 WE Practic:
19:15 WE Malice:
21:15 We Pleroma:
24:07 Concluding Thoughts.

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29 replies on “Tolerances and Materials. These Knives are the Complete Package! | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 52)”

Hey guys, ALWAYS say where these knives are made, and where the companies are headquartered. Here, both are CHINA. Why no full disclosure??

Valhalla for life am I right fellow pagans? Oh my bad I didnt see the "wwjd" bracelet… that's a good way to send a mixed message to people and let everyone know your misguded/undecided when it comes to personal beliefs…

These guys are funny… kurt is def going through major life and belief changes or reconsiderations… kinda sad.. looks like his dog just died lately

WE =

Amazing fit and finish (way ahead of 99% of other companies in that price range)

Great edge retention, But so so brittle, it doesn’t matter what steel they’re using, they tend to burn it.

Unfollowed…. seems like you all are salespeople for WE China crap now!!!!!!! Used to love the videos but now they are super biased! CNN of knife websites

I totally agree about the banter. I have a pretty nice sized knife collection but the banter hasn’t left my pocket in months. Highly recommend.

Completely agree about the detent and action of the We Knife Co. Banter. I catch myself opening it for no reason to the point where I get funny stares from my wife 😂. Ben and We did a great job on this knife all in all!

I have 2 elementums in my collection. Ones brass and the other is s35vn green micarta… I did a little swapping around and ended up with a brass s35vn elementum. Pretty frickin sweet if you ask me

Hooligan is like old style delinquent kid to these guys. Whilst anyone English is instantly thinking Football violence.

I just placed an order for a Kiser envoy and it’s my first decently expensive knife ($99.95 all in) and it makes me a bit nauseous to think about but I’m also really excited

so when are you guys getting the copper handle and or the s35vn elementums been saying coming soon on your website for a month or two now

I am doing my best to NOT buy anything made in China…
This includes knives, there are many great alternatives. It is ultimately down to the conscience of the individual as to whether or not they will give money over to the sadistic CCP.

Just had a thought: what if your video description included links to the vids used in the intro montage? Cause maybe part of it catches my eye and I want to watch that vid but don't know where to find it? I think all YouTubers should do this.

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