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Off-Grid Knives Seadog V2 – Knife Review

This super-robust, hard use flipper folder comes to us from Off-Grid Knives a knife outfit based in California that has it’s knives manufactured by the finest overseas makers. The Off-Grid Knives Seadog V2 (made by Bestech) is a heavy duty do-everything folder, that has practicality and menace in equal measures making it an appealing carry for a number of reasons. Chief among them, hard work. The hollow ground AUS-8 blade is stout and wicked sharp and the handle fills and melts into the hand. The glass breaker and deep carry clip make it a great duty option, too. I’ve really dug everything from Off-Grid that I’ve gotten my hands on and this one — like all the others — is one rough and ready blade.

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5 replies on “Off-Grid Knives Seadog V2 – Knife Review”

Off Grid is really coming up with some great designs! Just had the Black Stallion in for review and I really dig it!! Dig the blade on this one! Thanks for the look Bob!!

Great video Bob! I love the way you manipulate knives! I think you’re review from me looking at it was pretty dead accurate all around. The glass breaker is well done … pretty darn cool 😎

"Off Grid" knives are great and a great value. Heavy duty to say the least and at a good price to boot. That would be why you would get one.

Cool design but that weight… and it's 3.125 blade length…. what are we doing?
Here is the market right now, does this match a cold steel in length? No? Is this an auto? No?
THEN DON'T MAKE IT, in a world where I can buy a 4+ inch cold steel ( for less weight then this in pocket) AND deploy it out of the pocket (either thumb stud or snaggletooth) , why get this?
A ti lite is $40.
All of these manufacturers want to pretend that 3 inches or 3 1/2 is the max the market will allow for… and it's nowhere near that. Even if this is the max legal blade for where you are, that weight is still brutal for what it is. They can put a mean bulldog logo on the packaging, but by the time you get this out and deploy it the other guy at the gas station just ended you and your 7 children, pregnant wife, and disabled cousin with a voyager/spartan/ti lite/ immortal etc. you get it.
UP THE LENGTH, and if you can try to get the ounces down while doing so. This isn't even a criticism just for them but for 98% of knife companies, being a mall ninja is fun, they can either cry about it or deliver. I don't care about landscaping or carpentry, I want spartan ninja battle weapons in my pocket ready to go at a moments notice, that I have to lie about the use of if stopped for legal reasons .

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