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Global Vegetable Knife Review GS-5 Classic Series – 140mm

In this video, I’m reviewing the Global Vegetable Knife Review GS-5 with the CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel with a Rockwell of 58.

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Global Vegetable Knife GS-5 Classic Series – 140mm:


N O T E S: The Classic series is more suitable for small/medium hand sizes. If you have medium to large hand sizes look a the Global Ni series and skip the Classic. Sai series has a fixed thumb rest and is quite big and more suitable for large hand sizes.

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00:00 – Video introduction
00:12 – Disclosures
00:39 – Brief Summary
00:54 – Rockwell Hardness and Edge retention + (HRC)
01:12 – Blade profile
01:22 – Knife handle
01:49 – Knuckle Clearance
01:58 – Knife balance point
02:06 – Fit and Finish
02:27 – Weight & Distal Spine Taper
02:39 – Conclusion

14 replies on “Global Vegetable Knife Review GS-5 Classic Series – 140mm”

I'm not a big fan of Global, altough many chefs praise it and it's considered somewhat of a token knife in a professional enviroment. A friend of mine bought one and it got pretty abused, one of his collegues used it as a screwdriver to tighten up screws on pans, plus he is more of a beginner in a restaurant and he really damaged it with a metal honing rod. I took it to straighten the tip, rebring it's edge to a straight line and sharpen it. I was extremely surprised of how much work it took me on a sharpening stone to bring it back to brand new level and yet i didn't manage to make it nearly as sharp as other knives that I use. Do you have any idea why is that?
Plus, i forgot that it has that 1cm band on top of the edge and after I finished it, I got major anxiety thinking I made it, I looked on the internet and I realise that they all come with that line that narrows the blade… I don't know why but I feel like global are more appreciated for their sci fi look rather than other qualities. I personally don't like how they feel in my hand, they are hard to sharpen and the edge retention is good but not formidable.

Chef, please review the Twosun chef's knives made with 14C28N steel. I'm a knife enthusiast who collects pocket knives, and I know that Twosun makes some excellent pocket knives. I've recently gotten more serious about cooking and I have been curious about the knives that Twosun has to offer for kitchen use.

I'm not a fan of global knives. Mine haven't held an edge as well as others that should be similar hardness. I also think the handles get slippery though they are very durable.

I am still watching every of your videos. Good information as always and production quality is only going thumbs up πŸ™‚

I don't have working experience with this brand other than trying it on a store, but I have a feeling this kind of steed does not hold up very long even using a honing rod. I like the shape of the handle more than the blade, I know many people like this brand but is it really worth it? I kind of want one.

Dear chef Ppanko, when you have made a review for the Xinzuo "utility knife" 5 inches, you disclaim it was too short for a Professionnal user, only suitable for home kitchen ans small space … but what is the diffΓ©rence with this knife with 14cm long (juste 1,5cm more than the 5" Xinzuo, which a similar edge profil …for rocking motion)

I mean, why do you buy this knife for ?

Bonjour frol France ?

The global handle is too small and/or oddly shaped for my hands. I already suffer pain in my hands/wrists after spending 20 years working in front of computers, a smaller knife handle can become intolerable pretty quickly for my left hand while chopping for more than a few minutes.

I love ur videos chefpanko, could you please review an aliexpress kiritsuke? the one that is around 25-30 euros, and has random colored handle? it would really help me out!

Wooo, never been early for a video before XD

Been watching your vids to decide which kitchen knife I'll buy. I actually decided on a knife you haven't reviewed yet, the Shi Ba Zi Zuo F214-2. I used what I learned from your vids as well as from others to decide on it, and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks!

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