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Best Knives Under $50 of 2020: EDC on a Budget

There has never been a better time to be a budget knife buyer! 2020 has seen a ton of releases. Check out our favorites here:

With newer companies pushing the competition, an influx of materials previously reserved for higher end knives, and more models from custom knife designers than ever before. Never before could you get so much for so little.

Featured Knives
0:00 Intro
0:50 Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite:
2:40 Spyderco Astute:
4:30 Ontario Shikra:
5:48 CIVIVI Chronic and Exarch:
7:46 CJRB Feldspar:
10:06 Gerber Asada:
12:22 Gerber Flatiron:
13:50 Gerber Sumo:
15:56 CRKT Minimalist:
17:49 Cold Steel SRK-C:
20:09 KA-BAR Wrench Knife:

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23 replies on “Best Knives Under $50 of 2020: EDC on a Budget”

Great vid, as always. On top of those great recommendations, I wanna add the QSP PENGUIN, Ka-bar Dozier D2, and the CJRB Maileah .

Love your channel- respectfully disagree. I just got a Victorinox Adventurer for 28 bucks that is an AWESOME knife. As a bonus, super razor sharp right out of the box. Locking blade. EDC for many of us must include screw drivers , etc.

How many people saw the the title pic and thought 'those knives are going at it!'?

How many of you are thinking it now?

An I the only one who doesn't like the trend of only putting a handle scale on one side of the knife? I'd buy an asada if it had micarta on both sides!

CRB feldspar looks cool ,has the nicest handle colour I think in this selection ,and you can never go rong with Kbar be a good thin everyday cary knife ,would go for a leather sheath , another cool vid David,these are a high light of my day

Is it just me or does it look like the Feldspar in the video thumbnail has dyed jade G10 scales? It looks like natural jade G10 that has been dyed slightly blue.

Tenacious DNA? Looks like the 1988 “Solo 5” (spyderco). Just found a new (VG10) one yesterday 😊 also picked up a SOO3P 😀

You know what they say about guys with sightly larger than average hands?

They have slightly larger than average gloves!

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