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Wazoo Survival Cache Cap | Overview and Review

When it comes to survival, sometimes you have to improvise to survive. As Murphy’s Law states, “what can go wrong will go wrong.” In this video, Sootch reviews the Wazoo Survival Cache Cap. Unlike regular ball caps, the Wazoo Survival cap has a small compartment in the bill of the cap, sleeves along the sides of the bill, a soft mesh flap in the top, and additional flaps around the crown of the hat to store a variety of items. Best of all, it’s comfortable to wear. Watch now to see what Sootch stored in the Wazoo Survival Cache Cap.

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The survey asked me “which of the following brands have you heard of? Shell, Exxon, BP, Chevron.” Lol who in the hell hasn’t heard of these companies?

As a public service: Cache sounds like cash. Caché sounds like cash-a but has a completely different meaning. You have a storage cache, not caché.

FIRST off LMAO I just LOVE the sign on the door behind you.I'm going to make like that it's as good as theres no warning shots lol.

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