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Olight Warrior Mini EDC REVIEW

Olight Warrior Mini EDC REVIEW – The Olight Warrior Mini has to be one of the most controversially named flashlights in the history of flashlight. The Warrior series of Olight flashlights are famed for their no nonsense design and dedication to tactical application. The Warrior Mini is a step away from that and is more geared towards EDC.

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9 replies on “Olight Warrior Mini EDC REVIEW”

Great review! I've been using mine in desert tan since they released it. Just wanted to add that you can reprogram the tail switch function, which can make it seem a little more tactical to go straight to max power. And for front pocket carry, I just reach into my pocket with my thumb straight down the light. That way by the time it clears my pocket my thumb is essentially right next to the tail switch. Hope that helps

Nee nee nee nee nee !!!!!!!!! Before you break that flashlight rather send it to me..πŸ˜…
Great video man..

Nice flashlight maybe my next. I have a lumintop f3a but it fall down for 50 cm an now it is always on i think the driver is crashed. Thanks for showing love to look your channel

Nice videoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘, expecting view your more better and more professional videosπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Another great video as usual. It's painful watching the gear go through these tests, bit comforting knowing they are capable of surviving all that.

I like the styling of this light, different from the plain black on all other flashlights.

I also stay away from carrying lights with sharp bezels, after carrying 1 for a bit and it started cutting through my pants pocket

Speaking of matching gear to environment, what handheld and weapon-mounted lights are you planning to use at the lo/no light course ? Full-spec tactical, or more realistic edc ?

So glad you give those torches such a grilling, so the I dont have to ever wonder if it will perform under harsh conditions. Tx. Just got my olight warrior turbo delivered and I am impressed.

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