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The SOG Stout FLK: An Impressive Little Tank

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19 replies on “The SOG Stout FLK: An Impressive Little Tank”

In order for a knife company to stand out, do you think they should have their own lock?
Medford knives are defferent alittle because they are big. Really, Medford's are just frame lock knives.

Honestly my experience with CRKT overall has been a crap shoot. I don't have a ton but between my 4-6 or so a 50% off in terms of fit and finish seems about right. Kershaw is better. Cold Steel is better than Kershaw and tied up with Civivi, Twosun, Tangram, etc in that budget price range for my experiences as far as f&f but I've only had a few of each of these knives so maybe I've just been lucky. The one recent SOG I've handled(Terminus) has been good just a bit small for my hands. Hopefully this is an indication that they're headed in the right direction.

Definitely a great looking smaller knife. SOG has really improved in the last year and a half. I had the Tac XR and I loved it. The way they did the XR lock is impressive and the knife had really good action. Great review/great video JT.

Good review and nice knife. Like you, love small knives. I have 5-6 DF’s and others that get paired with a larger knife or sometimes I just carry a small knife. In the city, a hard use day is cutting up 4-5 Amazon boxes. The small knives get the job done.
I’m glad SOG is making better quality knives. They always had decent designs. I’ll have to try and get one in hand. Just not a fan of being forced to use a choil. The DF2’s for example are much better with the choil but can still get by not using it.

Can u tell us how thick behind the edge the blade is at various points? I like the looks and size. I currently see these only at SOGS website. I hope the retail is 10-15 less than advertised. Bearings in pivot and steel back spacer.

Thanks, like the knife, and yes I had a dodgey Pilar but it just turned into such a beater that I overcame it. Living in Australia it just wasn't worth sending back. Have a good1

Definitely a stout little knife! Digging the blade size and handle size. Really great use of a small blade. Great review! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Seems like I could use it for an i dont care knife and if a buddy at work needed to use a knif that day I can hand this one over no prob haha. Cant beat the price either😁👍and the main improvement is that they incognito'd the s.o.g. on the clip 🎊🎉dont know why but it does get on my nerves😂😂tnxs for showing brother, awsome review bud 👍 👌 👊👊🤟🤘

I've been rooting for Sog for a while now. When I was first getting into knives and looking at different company's they had a solid rep and product. My first "expensive" knife was a topo meridian. Edc'ed it for years and years. By the time I lost it and took a look at what they where currently offering at the time, they had gone to shit. It was Very disappointing to see the route they went at the time. Glad to hear they are finally pulling themselves out of that. Just waiting on a design that speaks to me, to give them another shot again.

That looks like a good little knife. Seems like it may be good as a fifth pocket ot backup. They named it correctly when they picked Stout.

I never understand why reviewers get so upset with SOG on clip branding? Stout is a superb knife from a great designer! Best comparison would be a Fox Suru. Thanks for the plug. When you take apart let me know if the pivots captured. I couldn’t get it out.

According to SOG it’s a website exclusive?! Nice review. 👍🏻

I like the Sog money clip knife! It's freaking thin! So no chance for me to get a good grip on it with my glove size 12 – 13! But when I can afford it, it would be just a money clip haha greetings buddy

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