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The MKM Mikita Malga 6 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz review

Today, we’ll take a look at a new take on a classic pattern, the Maniago Knife Makers (MKM) Mikita Malga 6.

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55 years using slip-joints, and no problem with finger cuts more than with locking blades.

Most Victorinox models are light duty general purpose utility knives.

I mostly strop to sharpen. Heavy duty work is for a heavy duty knife. But you can throw an 88mm model in you pocket, and in truth it will cover 99% of your needs. I like the Recruit for this. No awl, no corkscrew. Basic. Legal everywhere but schools and government buildings.

The knife being reviewed is a lot more expensive than a basic Victorinox. The fork is a mistake.

Better steel, but you pay over $100 for it. Victorinox could select a few models for better knife steel, too. But their models sell well as is. I would love to see their 111mm and 130mm liner lock models with better steel. Yet I have not found that I do resharpen frequently. Outdoors, I have a 111mm or 130mm Victorinox lock blade, a Helle Norwegian forest knife (carbon fixed blade) and an old hatchet used in the choked-up position. Maybe a Leatherman Surge kit for bushcrafting small woodcraft. A Victorinox pocket knife takes care of incidental light task only. The Helle and hatchet have been great for 30 years.

Cheers and thanks for always interesting reviews!

PS Us older guys would not want a clip on a small pocket knife. I use light paracord looped to my belt, with a quick-release at the knife end for easy use. Clips? No good outdoors. Many a good knife lost in hiking and trekking, left dangling on a thorny shrub like an odd xmas tree ornament. Or slowly pushed out of the pocket by the more aggressive leg movements of the up-country rambler. However, younger knife people seem to love clips, so manufacturers ought to make them available. As Leatherman finally did!

How dare you sir, downplay the importance of a fork on a multitool?! Oftentimes I find myself in the situ…wait no nevermind.

Would've opted for scissors or a file in place of the fork. Seems like a design flaw given that you'd often use a knife and fork simultaneously in separate hands. And it would get dirty in the pivot really quick. I do appreciate the attempt at making an upgraded SAK. There's always something though, right? It seems like everything either has a little too much this or not enough that in one way or another.

I just said to myself "Finally! Something different!" And then realized this is literally the Victorinox I got in 1990 for my ninth birthday.

You can loosen the opening with the screws. Clip on a scout knife??!! You can replace the scale with a clip, but it would be weird.

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