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Olight S2 CU Copper Baton Review 950 Lumens for EDC!

Sensible Prepper Presents: Olight S2 CU Copper and Anodized Aluminum Baton Review. Solid EDC light with 950 Lumens. The Copper is a limited edition and going fast available at Going Gear. Also get 10% off using “Sootch00” at checkout.

Going Gear:

Olight S2 CU Baton:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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30 replies on “Olight S2 CU Copper Baton Review 950 Lumens for EDC!”

Hi! Thank you very much for reviewing our S2 CU,we hope it is serving you well. This is a very quick reminder to all your viewers that we are launching in the UK on the 18th of May we have some amazing offers across our range of Flashlights to include 50% off selected items.

I need a light that has a powerful bright beam at distance up to about 20-30 yards. I'm a delivery driver for Amazon part time and it gets dark early. Need to see people's address. I want something though I just hit one button and boom, bright white light.

Did I see you install the 18650 battery with the positive contact to the rear? Is this something new? I have an older Olight with the switch at the tailcap, with a side switch for control from 'on' or 'off'. I just ordered this light, actually 2 of them. I will now finish watching your fine vid.

You soldier of fortune guys crack me up. You couldn't punch your way out of a wet paper sack. Much less defend anyone. If you were confronted by anyone with a gun shooting, you would shit in your pants. Stop acting like you're some sort of EXPERT on any of this stuff you review.

the best edc flashlight is the Manker BLF A6. it puts out over 1150 lumens and lasts an hour on high. check it out on google.

Everything from Olight is build very well. I only buy Olight products when it comes to light. And one Nitecore because it had exclusive features. That's a good product too. But all those cheap lights. I wouldn't touch them with a 10 ft pole.

I think I'm done with Olight. I have four of them and of those four my S10 has failed completely and My M18 has a very dodgy UI which means changing it down is almost impossible.

so many choices out there. Good to get a full description on gear to pick which ones you think are right.

Thanks for the video. I need to get some reliable lights for my bug out bag that our County Emergency Management Department recommended we have in our storm shelter. Basically, the County Emergency Management person said… don't relay on the authorities to come to your aid and plan on taking care of yourself.

Olight hands down has the best light clip on the market (IMO). I wish more companies would start offering bezel up clips. From a front pocket it is much easier to draw without having to adjust the light in your hand.

Another great video Sootch, I love your channels. You mentioned in the video that it is not a good defensive light. On that note, what light/lights do you recommend for defense. I've been looking for awhile and the choices are overwhelming. Any advice would be great, thanks again for all you do, God Bless!

Amazon also sells the copper version. I think if you buy through Going Gear and add the 10% discounts it's a better deal though

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