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Minimalist EDC | 2020

In today’s video I’m sharing what I carry in my EDC sling as a minimalist in 2020.

Big thanks to Pakt for sponsoring today’s video, be sure to check out the Pakt backpack and their holiday sale here:

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Pakt Backpack Review:
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13 replies on “Minimalist EDC | 2020”

Spoke with Pakt about the sling, they said there aren't plans to sell this exact sling, but they may be working on a new design for sometime in the future! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted. What's your favorite EDC item these days? ⬇️

Анальной пробки не хватает с пультом включения вибрации! 🙂

I've just started using the pakt sling as well, been through bellroy, peak design and trakke slings, all excellent in their own way, but when the pakt backpack arrived it just seemed to make sense that I'd use that. The only thing I carry that is different from yours is a notebook and pencil, just much prefer analogue capture. Love the videos, keep on keeping on…

I use a sling bag too when I’m out and don’t need to carry much. I use a Pacsafe sling bag that I’ve had for about 5 years. Great video as always!

Ok love this BUT keeping your wallet in there is not the greatest of ideas. Especially is you keep your house key in your wallet.

I love the simplicity of your edc and the small background stories for every item in the video. It shows that every item has a purpose in your everyday life and not just sitting there in your bag.
You never fail to inspire others!

Aer has a sling that I purchased, but I always feel self conscious going out with something like that. Almost like I'm carrying a purse or something. I'm so used to having my backpack that the sling seems too small. But, I should probably get over it and try it out again. Get all the keys and junk out of my pockets.

I’m a handkerchief user as well & like you correctly pointed out, it’s a better experience blowing your nose on cloth.
I would love to know where you got yours from, they look really soft.

I love your mix of minimalism, technology, sustainability, and overall life style tips (like car-free living). And production quality is top notch. It’s like you made this channel just for me! Subscribed!!!

Great video! I’ve been watching your videos for the past couple days, how’s the Pakt backpack treating you? I’m looking at either getting either the backpack or the One.

Your video quality just keeps getting better and better…. Loving it!!
Also, any plans on upgrading to the new iphone?

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