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Miguel Nieto Chaman Knife Review

Miguel Nieto Chaman knife, a fixed blade full tang hollow ground knife. Blade steel DIN 1.4116 otherwise known as X50Cr15MoV. The blade has a HRC of 55-57 and I found this absolutely fine, as it really held an edge during all my tests. As the name indicates, the significant alloying elements are Molybdenum and Vanadium. Miguel Nieto also call this steel “Vanadio”.

The Chaman knife has a partially rounded spine profile and the designer of this knife, Manuel de la Torre indicates it will damage the baton less whilst splitting wood. It also means you can apply pressure to the spine with the palm of your hand without discomfort from a more acutely angled spine profile.
The thumb/finger spine gimping is perfect for striking a fire steel against.
The Nieto Chaman knife comes in a range of handle options, mine has what Nieto have called KATEX, a proprietary formulation developed by the technical department at Miguel Nieto SL, from a Phenolic fabric composite, which during manufacture, allows the fibres to retain an ordered appearance. hence you will notice that this handle has a “visual depth” to it’s appearance.
One side of the hole in the ricasso has been chamfered in order for a fire bow drill to be inserted into it and hence act as the “block”. I tried this and found it to work perfectly, allowing the my drill (hazel wood) to spin effortlessly whist applying lots of pressure to the drill. In order to do this you must remove the kit pouch and have the knife sheathed so that the blade is facing away from your body.
I found the fully stitched and riveted full-grain leather carry system to be very nice and practical allowing both vertical and horizontal carry positions. Anyway see what you think.
The Nieto Chaman knife can be purchased here:
and the Nieto Chaman comes in a range of handle scale options and there is also two other models, the BASICO (no pouch just the knife and sheath) and the Kit Plus which includes a rescue folder and more paracord.

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Good variety of testing material. I feel like a lot of YouTube knife reviewers have gotten lazy lately and just do feather curls all the time.

in Spain, with size to the USA, Britayn,it is free or with a price of 10 dollars of transport, to your house. The price is 90 dollars. You can buy it, in CUCHILLERIA EL ARTESANO. Good purchase

I used to have many Muella knives. They were available all over the world. 20-25 years ago. I learned that they cannot be trusted. I am very cautious about Spanish blades. Italian designs are somewhat unusual as well. At any given moment I would trust Russian, Japanese, or American blades. KIzlyar offers great deal: quality and price.

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