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Imalent MS03 Review: Brightest EDC Flashlight of 2020

At 13000 lumens it is legitly the brightest EDC flashlight ever made so far. 10%-OFF PROMO CODE: WELLRIGGED850
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Great video,
I love my imalent dm70 flashlight, but I have read that this flashlight has Issues with turbo.
Any thoughts?

i'm a flashlight enthusiast. lower case e. not overly versed in specs and brands. olight has been my main brand. then klarus. tried thrunite and beside a poor finish i had only trouble with what should have been a warranty. i know. you get what you pay for. anyway, this brand i have heard of but never owned one. i'm willing to broaden scope. how does their finish hold up? and i've found on many lights that turbo looks impressive but after only a few seconds it drops down quick and by a lot. how long b4 this one drops down and by how much? do you get turbo back after cooling down? i've heard some won't return after the initial drop until sufficient cool down time and then a fully charged battery. that last part i've only heard and not experienced. .

Good video! I'm a flashlight zealot. (Enthusiast, geek…whatever) I use them for work, everyday. I carry 2 EDCS , an Olight Baton and a Nitecore MH20. Great lights and super durable. I recently bought the Nitecore E4k, 4400 max lumens but I hate the UI. I have bought an Imalent flashlight your video as convinced me to give it a go! I considered the Nitecore TM9K but the battery is NOT removable. Aww hell naw! Removing a battery is big plus. Thx for a very informative and entertainingn video. Im now a subscriber. I don't know why but i love flashlights! Thx again.

Bro why are you looking for a bear with only a flashlight 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😭

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