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Belt Survival Kit – Review

This is a review on my Belt Survival Kit. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! Please rate, comment and subscribe!

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loose the zip ties and put in more cordage instead, zip ties are A: very short and therefore very limited to what they can be used for and B: extremly weak, it really dont requirer much force to brake a zip tie loop before the locking clasp bends over backwards and release, a 1,5mm nylon cord is 10 times stronger than a zip tie and you could easely fit 30+ yards of it in the same space as those zip ties

This is not a critisism… But might I suggest you reduce the amount of fuel tablets you have and candles, then learn how to create a fire source using a firesteel and natural materials. By all means have the cotton balls which are great for firestarting, but you could create a lot more space in your bag for other stuff like a small pop can stove and a billy can maybe to boil your water… Great videos !

I would add some water purification tabs since you have containers but nowhere to boil your water. Seems that you have some room left in your bag and I would suggest putting some super glue, a lighter and fire steel.
Other than that a great selection of items.

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