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Manker U11 Review – EDC Flashlight for Enthusiasts

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This is one of the best buy, when it comes to programmable flashlights! Amazing brightess of 1050 Lumens, and very powerful, 252 meter throw. If you are a flashlight geek, this is truly a must!

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Awesome video! I love gadgets. I seem to love flashlights for some reason Lol. Subscribed! Look forward to seeing more videos 🙂

Seems like a very neat budget alternative to Zebralight's costs. There's a lot of flexibility here for the cost of just 60 dollars.

I like it that you only just barely have to hold the button to mess with the UI. I don't mind holding it when I don't have to do it for an eternity of a full second to shut it down – when I want my light off, I want it off NOW.

It can use protected batteries? Awesome, now my interest has gone up by two or three notches! Helps that it's

How do you like it as a flashlight in general use, Adam, is it wieldy and versatile enough? Have any of your statements in the video been debunked by further experience?

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