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The Real Steel Luna Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at the Real Steel Luna, a modern slipjoint with an impressive blade and a very nice style.

11 replies on “The Real Steel Luna Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review”

I want this knife but I settled with the cheaper version… This model feels a tad too expensive but the D2 model I bought with g10 for $30 shipped feels like I stole it. My D2 version cuts like a laser and I saved $70ish dollars and only gave up a tiny bit in edge retention. I can't recommend the cheaper version enough!

For us poor schools in the UK this just about perfect. I have this exact knife and really enjoy it. Nice honest review as always.

Nick, you mentioned that if someone wanted to, they could just remove the clip. Maybe I'm crosseyed, but access to the screw heads for the clip looks lousy!

When they first came out at Blade HQ they had the carbon fiber/N690 for less than $60. Great knife at that price. It is one of my three most carried slip joints. (Copper proper and QSP Falcon)

I have the jade G10 and white/black KC exclusive, and I love the sound these make opening and closing. Is that weird?

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