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What I learned about the Ultratech Bounty Hunter after 8 months of carry or the Microtech OTF Review

In this review of the Ultratech Bounty Hunter, the Microtech OTF auto with a Boba Fett theme, I give my observations after 8 months of carry with the hard to get switchblade. How well does it hold up, does the switch get easier to actuate? Is Boba Fett really a Mandalorian? Ok, I don’t answer that or get into the Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back canon. But this video compares the knife with other OTFs like the Hawk Deadlock, the AKC F-16, and a Benchmade Pagan. Is it a good knife, did I have any problems with it? I also address viewer questions and concerns re: whats up with all the cardboard? Is this the way? Yes. This is the Way.

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28 replies on “What I learned about the Ultratech Bounty Hunter after 8 months of carry or the Microtech OTF Review”

I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the review and the guilt has driven me to watch it, hope you’re happy.

I handled an UltraTech once. As soon as I fired it, some chest hair burst from my skin, so I put it down and vowed not to ever picked one up again.

It made me feel so manly, so powerful; I could feel the blood of my enemies dripping down my hand and wrist.

I just liked it so much, I knew that if I bought one, I would look like a gorilla in a week, ‘cause yer know, ain’t nothin’ manlier than a gorilla.

Well that and the obscene price tag.

Hey Bro – not sure if you are still in the industry, but I got my CTS-I a few weeks ago. Not that you’d care, but I thought you may at least know what I’m talking about.

Some less advanced knife bro’s cut paper ,sometimes they double it up… but it’s just not the same!😐

Tanto criticism? My recent purchase-incited confirmation bias says whatever you think is wrong and tanto edges are better for everything…that is, until I purchase another blade style, then that’ll be the best 😉

I’m waiting for the Duane “Dog” Chapman bounty hunter knife. It will probably be made by Schrade and have a faux denim grips with gold inlays. Yeah.. definitely spring assist and around 30 bucks. You bougie Microtech owners can pay as much for a knife as I paid for my Hi Point.

"Sorry, for those viewers in the South who may not have Disney+, the phrase 'this is the way' roughly translated is 'if you don't like it get out'……….." 🤣 I love this channel

Microtech saw the number of YouTube vids with people “Bobba fett-ing” their brand new gear and cashed in on that demo!

I wound up hosing my ultratech out with brake parts cleaner to get the gunk out. (But that's what happens when you dump a bunch of bm Blue lube in there and everything jams up.)

Also with tantos, I always her people pronounce tanto with an O like "Tonto" or a drawn out a like "Taint-oh"… (or chisel tip)

Either or, they are handy and I enjoy mine.

I absolutely no nothing about knives. But im subscribed to your channel because you are hilarious and have great voiceovers of your content. Very high quality stuff. Im not sure how niche knife reviews are but Im sure you will gain followers rapidly.

What bladed martial art did you master in order to smoothly slash & stab that cardboard ? Cardboard crime is outa control around here.

Woooo shitty knife videos!!!! Dose is da best. Keep em comin! I love your videos

I think the messages tell you spine thickness and handle thickness

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