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Acebeam TK18 Review (3000 Lumens, LH351D, Triple Emitter, EDC Flashlight)

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Acebeam TK18 Chapters
0:00 Start
0:30 Packaging & Accessories
1:03 Construction
3:02 Size & Weight
3:53 Retention
4:43 LED & Beam
5:52 Night Shots
7:14 Heat & Runtimes
8:31 User Interface
9:23 Recharging
10:06 Pro’s
10:26 Con’s
10:44 Conclusion

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5 replies on “Acebeam TK18 Review (3000 Lumens, LH351D, Triple Emitter, EDC Flashlight)”

I'm currently waiting on my Copper TK18 with Nichia emitters to be shipped.
Also considering getting an Aluminum with Osram emitters.

I have a Warrior Mini and its definitely a good light. But I do hate how hard Olight side switches are to index. Also if the head is even the tiniest bit loose then the tail switch doesn't work.
So its entirely possible to be in a situation where you have 2 switches…yet still not 100% chance of simply turning the light on. Which is kind of ridiculous to me.

Anyways great review, thanks!

Thanks for always giving great comprensive flashlight reviews. I have so many lights that I think sometime soon my wife and kids might do a lumen intervention. Your reviews help me to make an educated choice when I’m thinking of adding to my flashlight collection. Keep up the good work.

awesome review! just discovered you a few days ago. Filming a general overview video about flashlights and will link your channel in the video!

Nice review. It's a shame they don't do this with some other emitters like xpl-hi 5000k or nichia E21A etc. At least they have a nice nichia 219c. How's the build quality of this?

Nichia 219C always. White/blue is cromagnon (Unless you love the lighting while shopping in Walmart department stores). Working with colored wires, for example, can cause you to just pull out a lighter for real light. Set a blue white on your table pointed at the ceiling for area light and you'll wish for a candle soon. Most people are looking for aesthetic utility rather than whats going on at 300 meters out. Have a second light for those specific, more tactical needs. Will want to see Olight Warrior Mini. Gauranteed it'll be blue though. I've never bought that brand for that reason alone. Duh. All these lights, you should be able to switch the head for hiking vs. sniping… LEDs are cheap. Add 15 bucks purchase price to have options. My cheap-ass 365nm / 395 nm UV light for glue has a changeable head. 20 bucks total. Hehe!

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